After ‘Lego Movie’ mania, more toy-based Movies come

After ‘Lego Movie’ mania, more toy-based Movies come … the “GI Joe” movies, is the development of another film in this series, too. Paramount is releasing “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in August, although this project – in contrast to other films mentioned above – brought on a comic book, which later became a base … Read more on Los Angeles Times
learning from the masters of Cinema: William A. Wellman WINGS wing was a production on an unprecedented scale, Paramount Pictures, which cost a staggering $ 2,000,000 – an unheard-of number for a single movie at that time. It was Paramount Roadshow title of 1927 across the country with a full touring be … Read more on Twitch

award-winning director embraces technology, the animals in the film ersetztNoah, a Paramount Pictures release, opens nationwide in theaters on 28 March. Watch the movie trailer at How have advances in computer-generated imagery made it possible to avoid filmmaker with animals? All this was possible … Read more at HSUS News