Hong Kong brothers go to court in ‘Transformers’ extortion case

Hong Kong brothers go to court in ‘Transformers’ extortion case Paramount Pictures, the U.S. studio behind the film, a statement of the time describes, “a bizarre encounter” between Bay and “a man who allegedly the influence of a narcotic. ” “The man who had spoken earlier several other crew … Read more on Los Angeles Times
Paramount holds the release of films in major film, theater scramble for technology … it to the canvas. Now, in a historic move, Paramount Pictures, the first major studio has felt to stop release of his most important films on film in the United States …. has the slackening demand for film in the industry. During the past month … Read more on Lebanon Democrat
‘Transformers: Age of Extinction “first teaser trailer premieres On 2 February 2014, Paramount Pictures premiere the first teaser trailer for “Transformers:. Age of Extinction” And so far, the clip has generated a lot of buzz online, including as one of the top 10 searches on Google that day. A robot … Read more on Examiner.com